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Find world class talent for projects, job support, strategy and staff augmentation


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Test, Deploy, Run, Support.

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Tekvo offers services from ideation to execution to golive  ensuring success of your business

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Improved Risk Management


Global Knowledge


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Business Expansion

How to hire people through Tekvo?

Consult Our Experts

Our experts will work with you to understand the requirements, goals, and scope.

Start the Work

Work with talented resources,  who are right fit for your projects or businesses.

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100% Payments

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Global Payments Handled

Technology is not a barrier

  • How are contractors vetted on the platform?
    Contractors undergo a rigorous screening process, including skill assessments, interviews, and background checks, to ensure they meet our quality standards. We verify qualifications and professional experience to ensure you have access to top-tier talent.
  • What happens if I'm not satisfied with a contractor's work?
    We offer a structured feedback and dispute resolution process. If the work does not meet your expectations, you can request revisions or, in extreme cases, terminate the contract. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with the work delivered.
  • How is the payment process handled?
    Our platform facilitates invoicing and payments to ensure secure and efficient transactions. Payment methods include bank transfers and credit cards. Payments are typically released to contractors upon project completion or achievement of agreed milestones.
  • How do I find, hire, and manage contract resources on the platform?
    Post your project requirements, including scope, necessary skills, timeline, and budget. Or Email or WhatsApp Your Requirements: Begin by sending us your project details either through email or for the quickest response, via WhatsApp. This allows us to immediately start the matching process. Guaranteed Perfect Fit: Our platform will match your project with suitable contractors. You can review proposals, interview candidates, and select the best fit for your needs. Interview Shortlisted Talent: We coordinate with you to schedule interviews with the top candidates, managing all follow-ups and logistical details to streamline the selection process. Seamless Onboarding: Once you've chosen the right contractor, we'll help integrate them into your team, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate start. Use our google sheets based project management and collaboration tools to oversee project progress and communicate with your contractor.
  • Can I hire a contractor directly after the initial contract ends?
    Our platform has policies in place for direct hires after a contract concludes. A fee may apply for transitioning contractors to full-time roles, ensuring fair compensation for all parties involved.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum contract duration?
    Contract lengths are flexible to suit a variety of project scopes and client needs. We offer everything from brief assignments to extended partnerships, all with the option for renewal. The minimum engagement period is three months, ensuring that contractors have the opportunity not just to fulfill your immediate requirements but also to offer insights on enhancements and identify opportunities for boosting your return on investment. This approach allows for a dynamic involvement, enabling contractors to move in and out of projects as needed while providing both deliverables and valuable consulting services.
  • What are the expenses involved in hiring a contractor?
    Our fees are determined based on the current market rates for the required skills, experience, and the individual capabilities of the contractor.
  • What fees does the platform charge?
    Our platform does not impose any charges on the candidates.
  • How and when will I get paid?
    Payment schedules and methods are detailed during the onboarding process. Our platform handles invoicing and ensures timely payment for completed projects. We also provide guidance on managing taxes related to your earnings.
  • What are my responsibilities as a contractor?
    Maintain professionalism, communicate effectively with clients, and deliver high-quality work according to the agreed timeline and specifications. Adhering to our platform's policies and project agreements is essential for success and continued opportunities.
  • How can I become a part of the platform?
    Tekvo offers an ideal platform for those looking to advance their careers as freelancers, employees, or contractors, providing the opportunity to work on projects that match your preferences. To become a member, simply apply at Join Tekvo.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • How do I find projects or clients?
    Leave the search to us. We'll connect you with the ideal opportunities by aligning your skills, interview outcomes, and specific project needs to ensure you're matched with the best possible projects.
  • What kind of support does the platform offer?
    Guaranteed 100% Payments: We ensure that all your earnings are fully paid out, offering financial security. Managed Client Relationships: Our team handles client interactions, allowing you to focus on your work. Exciting Client Opportunities: Engage with a diverse range of clients that are as ambitious and dynamic as you are. Global Payment Processing: We manage international payments, making it easy for you to get paid no matter where you are. Extra Incentives: Earn additional rewards for outstanding performance and achievements. Team Onboarding: Bring your own team onto projects, enhancing collaboration and output. Unlimited Earning Potential: Your earnings reflect the effort and quality you put into your work, with no cap on how much you can make. Remote Work Flexibility: Work from any location, providing the freedom to choose your ideal work environment. Flexible Schedule: Arrange your work hours to suit your lifestyle, offering a perfect balance between work and personal time. Choose Your Work: Select projects that align with your skills and interests, giving you control over your professional journey.
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