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About Tekvo

Tekvo is a network of two kinds of people, the one that needs work and the one that needs the work done, and our job is simply to connect both of them.

Our Story

It was 2020 and the pandemic hit us. Many predicted that the economy will go down. And then all of a sudden there were waves of employees being laid off, salaries reduced and hikes stopped. It did not seem fair to anyone, but the corporates were just preparing for the worst.


The predictions about the economy didn't come true, quite the contrary actually. That's when I decided to start In fact I did not think of starting a company at all. I was just circulating the right resources for the right job in my small network. This way of working benefitted everyone. The clients were directly getting the resources so they did not had to pay huge sums to big corporates. The resources were getting paid more with the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time, for any number of hours, for as many clients as they were convenient with, they were not being held back by the employers. 

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One of the core belief of is when you work with us, you get to decide which projects you want to work in. Go ahead and explore your limits. 

To the clients, you don't have to go to big MNCs and pay huge money out of which very less goes to the people who are working in your project. We take your work very personally and make you our No. 1 priority. 

The popularity of this model grew far and wide, and my network started increasing. I started getting more and more project requirements from around the globe. So I simply created a website so that I can get more resources as I do not want to disappoint any clients that come to my network. And that's how tekvology came into existence. Now we have around 600+ freelances registered with us and the projects just keep flowing in.

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