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Hi my fellow procrastinators! Do you struggle like me to make the most out of your time? Do you think that your potential is being wasted due to poor time management? Or Maybe, you are already a master of productivity and time, and still want to read this blog to make sure you are doing things right.

A person holding a pen and a notebook, writing down their daily schedule. The notebook is open on a table with a cup of coffee in the background

Before we begin, let's take a journey back into our childhood days. Remember those days, they felt so long. Imagine the things you could do in one single day. Get up, go to school (full time education) come back, watch TV for hours, then go play outside in the evening for hours, come back, study, dinner, sleep early and peacefully and wake up early the next day. But these days, the day goes by so quickly, you wake up in the afternoon and by the time you have your coffee half of the day is already gone. Then you just do 1 thing, and poof it's evening already, and we all know that the day is already gone, when we start calling it evening, and that’s the day. Only if we had the time and the energy to do the things we wanted.

What's the difference between those childhood days and now. Oh wait, We had a fixed schedule when we were a child, and we did not have any say in that schedule. You had to get up, you did not have a choice to sleep-in, you had to follow through all the periods in the class, forced learning you might call it, and then after school we had only a few hours where we got to decide if we could play or watch TV. Sure we had less freedom but we made the most of our time.

What if you do just that. Become your own parent. Design a day for yourself and then follow through with it, no matter what, like you do not have a choice and life is on autopilot. And ofcourse, to make sure you are not being a rebel to your own rules, what if you also introduced punishment for not following it.

Let's do an experiment, design the perfect productive day for yourself and then follow it for 7 days. For me, it looks something like the below.

7 AM - Wake up and Coffee 7:30 AM - Exercise 7:30 - 8 - Take a bath and Get ready 8-9 - Cook and Eat breakfast 9-10 - Read a book 10-1 PM - Work on your business 1-2 - lunch 2-3 - write blogs 3-6 - work on your business 6-7 - take a break (does not mean scroll social media) 7-8 - dinner 8-9 - journal 9 - sleep

If you don't follow it, decide a punishment for yourself, something that you absolutely hate doing. For me, it's going to the park, so my punishment for not following any of the tasks on the schedule is to take 3 laps of the park.

If you could find yourself an accountability buddy, even better. An accountability buddy will oversee you to make sure you are following and will make sure that you face the consequences of not following, and you do the same for them. Make your buddy sign a contract to make it official.

Try this little experiment for 7 days. Sit through and go through all the boring, mundane tasks. Don't resist, don't judge yourself, and don't think what should be, just do it as if you don't have a choice.

Share your schedule and results, we would be happy to hear from you.


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