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India, Remote

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About the Role

Looking for 10 years of expirience overall.

Designing DevOps Strategy—
• Recommend a migration and consolidation strategy for DevOps tools
• Design Associate in Nursing implement an Agile work management approach
• Make a top quality strategy
• Design a secure development method
• Create a tool integration strategy

Implementing DevOps Development Processes—
• Design a version management strategy
• Integrate supply management
• Manage build infrastructure
• Implement code flow
• Implement a mobile DevOps strategy
• Managing application configuration and secrets
• Also check: our web log on Azure DevOps For Beginners

Implementing Continuous Integration—
• Manage code quality and security policies
• Implement a instrumentation build strategy
• Implement a build strategy
Implementing Continuous Delivery—
• Design a unleash strategy
• Set up a unleash management advancement
• Implement Associate in Nursing acceptable readying pattern
Implementing Dependency Management—
• Design a dependency management strategy
• Manage security and compliance
• Also check: summary of AZ-300 examination
Implementing Application Infrastructure—
• Design Associate in Nursing infrastructure and configuration management strategy
• Implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
• Manage Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure
• Implement infrastructure compliance and security
Implementing Continuous Feedback—
• Recommend and style system feedback mechanisms
• Implement a method for routing system feedback to development groups
• Optimize feedback mechanisms


About the Company

Tekvology - Technology is not a barrier !

Tekvology is a network of experienced and talented freelance software developers, data engineers, product builders, project managers and experts.

We provide the right talent to companies and individuals for projects, support and problem solving.

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