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Software Engineer – Web Application Backend python

Dublin, CA / Bay Area, CA

Job Type


About the Role

• Minimum of 4 years of work experience in Python, Java, or other major object-oriented languages, e.g., C++

• Familiarity with object-oriented and functional programming concepts and design patterns

• Experience working on architectures involving one or more of the following concepts and their implementation: XML/JSON message processing, REST API, Object Relational Mapping, asynchronous web services and distributed message queues

• Experience with Agile development practices (Scrum, continuous integration etc.)

• Experience working on scalable architecture which can handle high volumes of data required for build out of our cloud-based platform

• Strong analytical skills and algorithms knowledge

• User first approach, comfortable with rapid iterations

• Experience writing tests for written code (unit tests, regression tests, integration tests etc.)

• Experience with version control system (Git, Subversion, CVS etc.)

• Quick learner and keen to learn new tools, languages and technologies

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Role and Responsibility:

• Write and test high-quality, maintainable code

• Gather technical and functional requirements of product

• Scope, design and own project delivery

• Identify and manage appropriate level of communication with key stakeholders throughout the project

• Ensure testing coverage, sufficient documentation, timely delivery and proper maintenance of final product

• Perform support and maintenance activities of existing systems including but not limited to bug fixes, library upgrades, back-end tools to support the Product Operations team

• Partner with cross cutting teams to ensure a complete end to end customer experience

About the Company

Our client is a leader in building software that drives their customer business, for enterprises and software product companies with software at the core of their digital transformation.

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