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Snowflake Architect - Remote


Job Type


About the Role

Roles & Responsibilities
*Design and Implement the Metadata Archival process.
*Implement the data retention strategy.
*Establish connectivity to Snowflake with third party tools/ on-prem, other cloud platforms.
*Continuous Platform Maturity assessment and Improvement of the Snowflake Environment /User Provisioning.
*Responsible for recommending best practices and solution for the conversion from Teradata to Snowflake.
*To design and implement very large-scale data intelligence solutions.
*Identify Data Warehouse structural necessities by evaluating business requirements.
*Suggest and implement the platform security and disaster recovery process.


*designing, developing analytics solutions.
*Expertise in SF and scripting Responsible to provide guidance and support to the team.
*Proactive communication to stake holders and suppliers on service interruptions.
*Documentation preparation and periodical updates to the user guide Implement the application & user on/off boarding process.
*Develop charge back reports for Storage and Compute cost.
*Detect and report the access privilege anomalies

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