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Scrum Master

Remote, India

Job Type


About the Role

Atleast 8 years of industry experience.
Good understanding of SDLC.
Good communication skills
Education/Qualification and Certifications:
Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications or Information Science

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Facilitate daily standups (or the daily scrum) as needed.
Participate in the meeting and capture feedback.
Note areas for improvement and action items for future sprints.
Work as the administrator of the scrum board. Ensure that cards are up to date and the scrum tool, is working well.
Meet individually with team members and stakeholders as needed. Iron out team disagreements about process and work styles. While many scrum practitioners are anti-1on1, as they believe these communications should happen during standups, some teams, particularly for new teams, prefer to have these regular face-to-face interactions with specific team members. The scrum master may decide that these individual interactions are crucial for team development and getting to know one another.
The scrum master aids the team by eliminating external blockers and managing internal roadblocks through process or workflow improvements.

About the Company

Tekvology - Technology is not a barrier !

Tekvology is a network of experienced and talented freelance software developers, data engineers, product builders, project managers and experts.

We provide the right talent to companies and individuals for projects, support and problem solving.

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