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DevOps CI/CD Engineer

Atlanta, GA, NYC, NY

Job Type


About the Role

CI/CD Engineer is responsible for the set-up, maintenance and ongoing development of continuous build/ integration infrastructure. Create and maintain fully automated CI build processes for multiple Azure environments.


Develop CI/CD principles
Review and modify CI/CD principles, iteratively
Maintain CI/CD tools/platforms (if applicable)
Develop and maintain pipeline configurations
Automate processes
Skills Required

Script writing
Ability to interpret and write source code
Management of infrastructure assets (networks, servers, operating systems, DBs)
Familiarity with software packing tools (.exe, .deb, .rpm, Docker)
Familiarity with version control tools (Git, Subversion, Mercurial)
Management of cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure)
Familiarity with security/vulnerability tools
Familiarity with code coverage analytical tools
Familiarity with monitoring tools
Education/Qualification and Certifications:

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent work experience. 6 years of relevant work experience.
Strong communication skills
Keen analytical skills
Ability to decompose complex processes into understandable components
Proficiency in automating and optimizing processes
Competent in team building and team communication strategies


About the Company

Tekvology - Technology is not a barrier !

Tekvology is a network of experienced and talented freelance software developers, data engineers, product builders, project managers and experts.

We provide the right talent to companies and individuals for projects, support and problem solving.

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