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Data Engineer

Dallas, TX, USA

Job Type


About the Role

• 8+ years of Experience

• 4-5 years of data migration experience

• Experience migrating/converting data from legacy applications to a new target application environment.

• consulting and programming of ETL tools for data migration and aggregation strategies for data warehousing and reporting.

• Experience in conversion requirements gathering, data mapping, data cleansing, data source gap analysis, developing conversion standards, development

• Development & execution of NO-SQL-based scripts, functions, procedures and/or packages to support data analysis,

• Developing end-to-end conversion test plans, executing conversion test cases, documenting conversion results, tracking and resolving conversion defects, etc.

• Developed framework for data migration which also includes products transformation design for efficient mechanism for data extraction

• 4+ years of hands-on experience on spark & Scala programming for updating the rules in data migration tools.

• Prior customer-facing roles to ensure client management is required

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About the Company

Tekvology - Technology is not a barrier !

Tekvology is a network of experienced and talented freelance software developers, data engineers, product builders, project managers and experts.

We provide the right talent to companies and individuals for projects, support and problem solving.

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