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One tool to manage all your projects, campaigns, and operations.

ProjectHive - the project tracking platform that empowers you to stay in control. With granular control over access, and data, you can rest assured that your projects are safe and on time. But we didn't stop there. We've also designed our platform to give you unparalleled visibility into every aspect of your projects - from task assignments to tracking and notifications. Whether you're managing a small team or a large enterprise, ProjectHive has everything you need to stay on top of every project, every task, and every deadline.


ProjectHive's online spreadsheets let teams manage and track data and tasks in real-time.


See the big picture

ProjectHive's stage view help visualize project timelines and dependencies for better planning and execution.


ProjectHive allows teams to work together with real-time updates and comments directly in their inbox, so everyone stays on the same page.


Resourceful resource management

 ProjectHive's resource management tools help you assign tasks based on team members' availability and workload.

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